Wet n Wild Trio Palettes Review & Comparison; Sweet as Candy and Walking on Eggshells

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During the weekend I was browsing the makeup aisle at my local grocery store and saw these cute Wet n Wild palettes that I just had to pick up! I only own one other palette from Wet n Wild which I got years ago and never really tried it. But lately I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about these small palettes that I decided to give them a try and actually try them! So I gotΒ 381BΒ Sweet As Candy &Β 380BΒ Walking on Eggshells.Β As you can see they are quite similar colors but they vary ever so slightly lol. I guess I just can’t help myself I love pinky nudey shades!

side by side

side by side

and here is another..

a closer look

a closer look

Walking on Eggshells is the one on the left (lighter pink shade) and Sweet as Candy on the right (with the darker pink shade). They are shades that you can use on a daily basis or when you just want a hint of color like you don’t want to wear too much eye shadow but you want something there then these are perfect. I really love the formula they are very buttery and silky. I was very surprised given that these are extremely affordable palettes! The pigmentation is great as well I used them over regular primer. However perhaps with some Fix plus from M.A.C. the colors would intensify more? I don’t know.. just a thought lol. Anyways I usually review products by giving single swatches of each product as well as finer swatches, BUT today I will just give you trio swatches ( it will make sense when you see it lol ) because I was having trouble importing the pictures and the names got all mixed up and I am having trouble distinguishing the shades because they are both so similar! 😦 I definitely do not want to guess the names and give you guys a mixed review. Don’t panic, Β this is just a one time thing! Promise it will not happen again πŸ™‚ Lets get to ittt!


U. D. Primer Potion

The primer I used was Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, I remembered I had a picture of this saved so I decided to insert it even though every one in the world knows how this primer looks lol πŸ™‚

Ok! So lets start off with Walking on Eggshells.


Walking on Eggshells

The first palette we will be looking at is called Walking on Eggshells. Like all the Wet n Wild trios it contains 3 shades each labeled with their corresponding use such as Browbone shade, Crease shade, and Eyelid shade. I wish these trios would come with actual names for their shades but sadly they do not.

blurry close up

blurry close up

Here is a horrible blurry close up lol. I wanted to show you the colors more clearly. Ignore the quality just focus on the shades πŸ™‚


Another image so you can again see the shades..

Β Β 20150420_223032

OK! Now lets get to the swatching! πŸ˜‰


Β The browbone shade which is the top shade is like a typical shimmery browbone shadow. You can intensify it by packing it on or with one swatch have a translucent shimmery shade. I would define this color as a shimmery pearly off white beige. It’s quite a nice color. I really liked this for the browbone as well as the inner corner of the eyes πŸ™‚

The middle shade a.k.a. the crease shade is a nice light chestnut brown. This shade is also shimmery [well all the shades in both palettes are shimmers lol] I used this as directed in my crease and I loved it. You need to pack it on just a little bit though for the color to appear nice and vibrant. After you do this.. its such a nice transition shade!

The last shade which is the eyelid color is sooo pretty! It’s a champagney pearly baby pink color. It’s a very nice all over the lid shade. It does take some packing on to do I noticed I needed to pack this color on more than the others. But the results are nice.


Next up is Sweet as Candy πŸ™‚


Sweet as Candy

This trio reminds me of the napoleon ice cream so much! lol

close upp..

close upp..


purrdyyy πŸ™‚Β 20150420_222950

Swatch time!

sweet as candy

The browbone shade which is the top shade is a shimmery ivory white shade. Like the browbone shade from the other palette this one is also such a nice browbone color. Also all the shades are very buttery and silky which is a mega plus considering the price! I wanna say this shade could be used as a highlight on the cheekbones but it’s just a thought lol.

The middle shade which is the crease shade is quite similar to the crease shade in the other palette but less vibrant and not too hazelnut-ish if that makes any sense lol. It’s more of a chocolatey brown shimmer shade. Basically it resembles chocolate ice cream πŸ™‚

The last shade.. eyelid color is a pinky champagne bubble gum color. I really really like this shade its so nice and pink plus I love the way it glistens almost like a metallic eye shadow. Imagine both eyelid colors combined from both palettes.. wow ❀


another image..

Okay!.. So my thoughts on these palettes are.. Why not? Why not pick these up I mean they are very affordable each palette was around $2.98 – $2.99. So at this price point they are good. Next is texture, like I mentioned these are very buttery and silky they somewhat feel like the Lorac eye shadows. Very soft and easy to apply. So all in all so far I give these 2 thumbs up! But….. lets talk blending. When I started blending the eye shadows they somewhat started to mix up. The crease shade was very much still noticeable however the pinky eyelid shades were getting mixed up with the brown and it created a whole diff color. It didn’t look ugly it just look a bit messy so if you do not mind this and that’s the kind of look you are trying to achieve then there is no problem there! I wore them on a casual day so it didn’t really bother me but if you are going for a polished more professional look then don’t bother because they will get all weirdly mixed together. Also while I love me some shimmer eye shadows these are extremly shimmery! Like forreal shimmery. If you don’t want a shimmery eye then stay clear from these because apart from them being all mixed up they will create a shimmer overload lol. Like I mentioned it didn’t bother me because I was testing them out and it was a casual day but any other day I love me some matte shadows not just full on shimmer lol. Another problem I had was extreme and I mean extreme fallout 😦 I’m glad I started off with my eyes first because then this would of been a whole other mess. It would of left me with shimmer all under my eyes so not cute! So beware apply these first before any other makeup. Hmm.. I think that’s all the issues I had with them. I guess I would rate this a B+ only because I hate fallout and this was was excessive also the fact that they just got all mixed up. I would use them again but only on casual days. Perhaps they would look better if I added a matte shadow then some of these shimmers? I shall try this out hopefully it looks better.


Overall, if you are looking to try some inexpensive products and you don’t mind all these cons then I say go for it. Like I said they might look better if you ditch out the crease shade and add a matte brown? Idk..the possibilities are endless lol!

Lemme know if you guys like them? Are you thinking of picking any of them up? Your thoughts? Do you like shimmers? If you have any other Wet n Wild palettes which do you recommend? Hope you guys liked this review πŸ™‚

Have a great week! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram! @christyy2010 I post updates on the daily! And sorry for the late post, I was supposed to post this 2 days ago and then yesterday I was revising it and wouldn’t you know my Sephora haul came in and I literally stopped what I was doing to open that baby up! lol I will be posting a haul next πŸ˜‰ Probably hopefully today.Β 

xoxo Christy

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