The Love/Hate Tag!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤

Today I bring to you all the Love/Hate Tag!! I want to thank the lovely stashmatters and the lovely Lolo from Evolvinglolo for tagging me! I really wanted to do this tag ever since I saw it floating around lol. If you haven’t checked out their blogs then you must be lost! Go now you won’t regret it! 😉 Hope you enjoy my loves & hates!



  • In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 things we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

10 Things I Love:

(((things I love aside from my family, boyfriend, and my fur baby)))

1. Booties. I

2. Zombies. I love anything zombie related. Video games (Call of Duty/Black Ops Zombies), TV Shows (Walking Dead), Movies (Resident Evil). I used to play Call of Duty and Black Ops Zombies all the time. I would binge play all summer with friends. Any of you lovies play these games?! lol Also I am obsessed with Walking Dead! I can’t wait for it to come back

3. Ne-Yo. Yessssssssssssss. I love his music! I’ve been a die hard fan since day 1. I can listen to his albums/songs all day every day. I am currently obsessed with his new recent album Non-Fiction. I hear it numerous times a day

4. Scary Movie/Thrillers. Movies such as The Conjuring (One of my favorite movies), Annabelle, Insidious, oldies such as Halloween movie(s), Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, Freddy Kruger. Also suspenseful movies such as The Purge 1 & 2. Basically anything falling into those categories. 

5. Paranormal shows. Ugh!! I can watch these all day! Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with shows like these. Most especially the one on syfy called Paranormal Witness have any of you all seen it?! Love it

6. Crepes! I love crepes! There’s this one little shoppe in my city that sells crepes and they are to die for. I love the one that has bananas, nuts, and cajeta (caramel). This is my favorite dessert. I loved them so much that I learned how to make them myself 😛

7. Makeup! Duh that is the sole purpose of my blog!! lol

8. Cooking. I enjoy cooking very very much! I most especially love cooking for a lot of people. Just seeing everyone’s reactions when they taste my food is awesome 🙂 I don’t mean to brag but I am kind of a great cook 😉 So ready to be a mommy & wife 😛

9. Myx Moscato. If you haven’t tried these little wine drinks from Nicki Minaj you are missing out! I don’t know where else they sell them other than one place in my city called Specs. Aside from the cute blue bottle, they taste so damn good! I’m not much of an alcohol person but these are something else! They come in a 4 pack and so far I’ve been able to drink 8 of those bottles. Dang lol. They are just so good! I highly recommend you all try them 🙂

10. Video Games! I really love playing video games! Once I get into a game I play it for consecutive days until I finish it! It can cause a problem for my boyfriend and I since we both love playing it, one of us tends to hog it and well hey that’s not fair 😛 I love play any type of games just not Destiny sorry 😦 I just can’t get into that game it looks too boring for me, however my boyfriend is obsessed with it.. oh well lol.

10 Things I Hate:

1. Tornadoes..I’ve never experienced one thank God. But they are super scary. I fear them so much! You are just so helpless in the situation and have absolutely zero control. 

2. Obsessive People. Yes HATE obsessive people. I used to have a ‘close friend’ who was extremely obsessive over me. It was beyond scary. She seriously controlled or at least wanted to control everything I did and who ever I talked to. …Weird but yeah. Sometimes you just have to be careful and watch out with the people you associate yourself with. 

3. People who you know and they don’t say hi when they see you they basically act like they didn’t see you or don’t know you. LOL I HATE THIS SHIT! It makes me so mad! It’s happened to me so many dang times and always with the same people. But when they need something they automatically ‘know you now’ ugh. stupid. shit.

4. Humidity. Aghhh this is one thing I hate about Texas! It’s always hot 😦 And the humidity here is no joke. That’s why summers here are bad! I’m talking triple digit temperatures every day. I see so many people complain about 70 degree weather.. try having 100+ weather every day.

5. Washing Dishes. Yes I hate this so much! It not only ruins my nails but it makes my hands dry -.- and I already have beyond dry hands so this doesn’t help! I mean I do it because I have to but I really really do not enjoy it ONE BIT. Which kind of sucks because I love cooking, so the dishes are always going to need to be washed. Oh well.

6. Poking my darn eye with the mascara wand! Not only does it hurt like f***k but my eyes cry like crazy and my makeup is basically ruined. No salvaging it one bit. And then my eye remains red for almost the rest of the day. 

7. HITTING PAN ON A PRODUCT! 😦 I hate it because then I have to repurchase it and it almost always happens that I have to repurchase many pricey items at once. I mean I don’t mind hitting pan on eye shadows, lipsticks (well not pan but tube I guess? lol), but on essential things like under eye setting powders, face powders. Also not only pan but when you finish a foundation or a setting spray. OR WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR BROW PENCIL MID BROW OHHHH NOOO!! This happened to me recently and it was horrible I almost cried of anger! 😦 lol

8. Okay totally cliche but waking up early. I tend to not be a morning person especially when people wake me up. Or I’m woken up too quick that I get scared and automatically wake the heck up and then I get a darn migraine. Great way to start the day huh? 

9. Don’t hate me on this one but when people don’t blend their darn blush. I used to see this soooooo much during college and it was bad lol! It’s like girls didn’t know what blending was or is. It was legit a streak line of super duper whoa color on the cheeks. I mean you know it’s bad when your boyfriend tells you look at her blush it looks too much. 😛 

((got this image from google))

((got this image from google))

10. When my hair gets flat! Like when I do curls and then because of the darn humidity or rain or whatever it might be my hair just goes legit flat and puffy. It so does not look cute. Even when people are like no no yes it looks lovely it doesn’t even look bad when in reality you know it looks like shit lol. This is why I live in buns because you can never have perfect curls or nice hair in 100+ degree weather.

Well there you have it lovies! I hope you enjoyed my loves/hates! Now you know a little bit more about me 😉 I don’t know if to tag anyone because almost everyone has done this tag already! So if you are interested in doing this tag let me know and I’ll tag you here!

Have a great Saturday!!

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