It’s my birthday!!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤
It’s my birthday !!! Yay 😀
Butttttt…. the darn flu decided to visit
me on my special day!:(
So currently I’m at home resting.
I had to get out of work early because
I just couldn’t handle it. I recently started working at a daycare this Monday. I was working at one previously but that was months ago and
It ended shortly due to shortage of hours. So when I was offered a job full time I took it! I was so excited!! I wasn’t really sure what age group I was going to be working with until I started. I was hoping to work with the older kids because I am not rather good at diaper changing since I’ve never had a baby before. So I knew that alone would slow down any routine. Well fate has decided to test me because I am working with the 2 year olds! Lol they are so adorable but very crazy! They don’t call them the terrible 2s for nothing. Running around with them takes a toll on you. I think that’s how I got sick also because they are always sneezing and you have to be constantly cleaning their boogies. So last night when I felt the flu hitting me as soon as I got home I took medicine to prevent it. Seems like it only made it worse I couldn’t sleep all night and knowing I had to wake up bright and early for work wasn’t helping. But I just started Monday so I didn’t want to leave a bad impression by calling in. Especially since it is my birthday. I didn’t want my supervisor to think I wanted off just for my birthday. So I showed up feeling completely horrible. I told my boss if I could leave during lunch break at 12 because I was sick and I knew I wasn’t going to be my complete self. She let me go home and even asked if I wanted to leave on the spot but I said it was okay since a sub comes in at 12. Those were the longest 4 hours ever! I felt very weak and I could barley talk. As soon as I got home I went to bed. Okay sorry I rambled quite a bit. Lol. Back to what this post was initially for!…. if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been keeping up with blogmas anymore 😦 it’s been very difficult since I got this new job. I needed to prepare for it by getting shots (ouchhhh) doing paperwork blah blah blah. And my work schedule is taking a toll on me. I still need to get used to this hectic schedule I work Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. When I get home I just want to shower and go to sleep. It’s all just a matter of getting used to. I know I will be back soon! So don’t worry. I’ll try posting as soon as I can. I have loads of hauls and reviews lined up!;) but at the moment I think I’ll have to stop blogmas. I think I’ll post on the weekend (I’ll try my best). I still have great blogmas posts lined up. Hopefully I can get to them before Christmas ends lol. At the moment I’m debating if I should go have dinner with my family for my birthday. Either that or stay in bed and rest:/ …. can’t I do both please!??? Anywho.. sorry for the long rant I just wanted to give you all an update as to why I haven’t been posting blogmas ! I hope to be back soon!!! I love blogging !!
Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Smile Brilliant! Review

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


Today I bring you a review on Smile Brilliant! I have always been skeptical on whitening products especially those that aren’t done at the dentist! I always thought it would be harmful and dangerous to my teeth. On my free time I would occasionally browse the internet to see all the different whitening products offered online or at the drugstore. Every time I was gonna take the plunge and purchase a whitening product I’d just brush it off and think of it as unnecessary and always thought I’d purchase it later. So when Smile Brilliant! reached out to me months ago again I was skeptical but after reading so many FAQ’s and reading reviews I decided to try it out. I was surprised that they actually contacted me! I had heard about Smile Brilliant! a few years ago, one of the YouTubers I watch was trying it out and it was awesome. I didn’t really care much for teeth whitening back in the day so I never felt the need to purchase it. I just thought it was a cool concept of being able to whiten your teeth using custom made trays.

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Blogmas Day 2 – The Christmas Tag!!!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


Welcome back to Day 2 of Blogmas!! Today I decided to go with The Christmas Tag! mini4 Let’s get started!

1. What is your favorite Christmas Film!? Hands down the Home Alone Movies! They just seriously get you into the Christmas spirit! They aren’t technically Christmas movies but because they take place during Christmas I guess they are !?? Who knows, but I looove watching them during the holidays!:) 

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