Stashmatters Fave Things Giveaway – Haul!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


Today I bring you a quick overview of what I won from Stashmatters Fave Things Giveaway! Even though I was a runner up I still received a ton of items! Stashmatters you are too too too generous!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ If you want to check our her original post to see a full in depth look at all her favorite items click here.


So as you can see I received quite a few goodies!! I can’t wait to try each and ever one of them! Without further ado let’s get started!

First of all let’s take a moment to acknowledge how yummy these candies were! By far my favorite were the coffee crisp! WHY DON’T WE HAVE THESE IN THE U.S !!!! They were delicious! The candies were gone in a matter of minutes! LOL!


I’m letting my eyebrows grow a little so I can’t wait to use the tweezers! I’ve never ever heard of the brand Slice and seeing that there were 2 Slice items included I was thrilled! The tweezers seem like heavy duty and nice, I love me a good pair of tweezers! Excited to try them out! Plus I love the packaging it’s very neat and sturdy.


Another item from the same brand; Slice. I have been searching for a great cosmetic sharpener for evvvver! I have a few of those small tiny ones you get for a few cents and I use them for my eyeliners, but I’ve been searching for one that would be great for my lip liners. I have sooooooo many lip liners that haven’t seen the light for quite a few months. Which is why I keep reaching for my retractable lip liners because they need no sharpening lol. So yay can’t wait to use this one! And helloooo it’s pink!!! 😀


I also got 3 Annabelle products! I can’t wait to try these just by swatching them they look incredible! I wish we would get this brand in the U.S. The first one is a great versatile blush, the color is gorgeous, great for everyday use. I actually don’t have a matte everyday blush color, I usually reach for my M.A.C. mineralized blushes and well sometimes they can be quite too much 😛 So I’m sure I’ll get major use out of this one! 😀


The second item by Annabelle is an eyeshadow quad. The colors on this little quad are so up my alley! You can get a nice subtle everyday look or a gorgeous smokey eye! Can’t wait to use this!


The last item I received from Annabelle was a glittery black eyeliner. Who doesn’t love a good black liner!? I’m always on the look out for the perfect black liner and this one has specs of glitter! Doesn’t it look perfect!? I mean who doesn’t love glitter right!?

Fotor_145671788605745 (1)

This sponge though! OMG, Stashmatters raves about how incredible this sponge is! I was so excited to see it included in my package yay! Certainly cannot wait to use it, she says it’s way better than any sponge she has used (check it out here)  so I’m mega excited!!

Fotor_145671738648180 (1)

Stashmatters also included this mask. Currently I have maybe 7 masks I’m waiting to use and now I have another one to try! Woohoo!


Okay, now this one I was ubbbber excited about! This Trish McEvoy Blending Brush! I don’t own any white haired blending brushes and I’ve just been dying to get my hands on one! I totally see a difference in the way my makeup blends when using this one as opposed to the synthetic one I use. Obsessed!!!!!! ❤ ❤ **Totally forgot to include this in the pictures! Since I’m already using it I didn’t have it in the take pictures pile 😛 So I got this directly from the T.M. website**


I also received this gorgeous eyeshadow from Essence. The color is gorgeous, a beautiful silver-y tan-ish glitter eyeshadow! I can’t wait to use this pair with that black eyeliner for a nice smokey eye 😉


Look at this beauty! I can’t wait to use this blush from M.A.C. It’s another gorgeous everyday shade, so now I have 2 new blushes I can use woopwoop!


She also included this lipstick from Sheisido. It’s a gorgeous rosey pink! I don’t own many shades like this but recently I have been eyeing rosey pinks for summer. So I’m sure I’ll get much use out of this one! ❤ Another lipstick to my collection, AND I have yet to try this brand so double yay!

Fotor_145671775778857 (1).jpg

And last but certainly not least this cute Canadian pin! 😀 I will cherish this pin so much! I’m so glad to have a friend from another country! How cool is that 🙂

Fotor_145671820959484 (1).jpg

There you have it lovies! I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to head over to my friend Stashmatter’s blog! She is such a great blogger and no I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend! She really does pay close attention to every single thing she puts up. I love how detailed and informative her posts are 🙂 Not to mention she is indeed very very organized! Check her out, you will not regret it 😉

Again thank you so so so so much Stashmatters! You are one great friend ❤

If you own any of these products please share your thoughts below 🙂

As always don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @christyy2010 & on Twitter @GlamNecessities

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8 thoughts on “Stashmatters Fave Things Giveaway – Haul!

  1. stashmatters says:

    Haha everyone who I sent the chocolates to says the Coffee Crisp is their favourite. It’s MINE TOO! I wish I’d sent you more. 😉
    I’m obsessed with that Annabelle blush – not sure if the name is labelled but online it’s called #32 Pronto… that’s right, GET THEE ON MY FACE, PRONTO! 😛
    The Shiseido shade you got is called Sublime, it’s a super pretty corally red shade, I swatched it here:
    I just LOVE the Shiseido lipstick formula – I hope you will too!
    That Trish McEvoy Blending Brush is very similar to the MAC 217 brush, but I actually prefer the TM one better because of the shorter handle. And yesssss, real natural bristles are where it’s at – I like synthetic brushes for certain things but I still prefer real hair!
    How I like to use the Quo sponge – wet it so it’s SOAKING wet, the squeeze out ALL the water. It gets super fluffy and it makes the perfect blending sponge. 🙂
    I hope you’ll like everything! ENJOY! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • christyy2010 says:

      I’m going to try out the Annabelle blush today actually!! 🙂 Just by swatching the lipstick I can totally tell it’s going to be lovely on the lips! The formula is like some sort of gel consistency… I looove it! 😀 THAT BRUSH I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!! I use is alllll the time now!!!! I never thought these brushes were the way to go but now…now.. I knowww.. synthetic brushes can like go take a hike because I love me some natural bristle brushes! 😛 😛 too dramatic? I just recently tried the Quo sponge on the weekend… and lemme just tell you .. where has this sponge been all my life!! Seriously! It’s the best sponge on the market! It blends out my concealer like a dream and only in a matter of seconds! Bye bye beauty blender and real techniques sponges lol! I really appreciate everything!!! 😀 Thank you so muchhh!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • stashmatters says:

        I’m SO glad you love the Quo sponge! 😀 I don’t know what it is, but the texture and shape works better for me. If you need placements in the future, let me know… I can send you some. Along with some Coffee Crisp chocolate bars lol! 😛 I think maybe the Sonia Kashuk sponge might be similar to the Quo one:

        It’s also got rave reviews online. I’ve been curious about it.
        And yay, I converted you to natural hair bristles! I tried synthetics for a while when there was so much hype, but for me, especially for blending powder products, natural hairs all the way. Synthetics are great for cream / liquid products like concealer and foundations.

        Liked by 1 person

      • christyy2010 says:

        You are far too kind !!!!😄😄😄😄 I also need to send you those Mexican candies !!!😊😊😋😋 I’ve never tried the s.k. one! But with the quo I doubt I have to lol its the best of the best !!!❤❤ ugh where have I been hiding lol! Natural hairs are life, I totally need to order some more natural hair brushes I own waaaay too many synthetic ones lol!

        Liked by 1 person

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