Stress & Anxiety



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First I want to apologize for not posting in what seems like forever. I have not been myself lately. A few months ago I came to know what anxiety was. I never really knew exactly what people felt when they went through anxiety. I always thought it was just a phase that you could control easily and people were just always overreacting when they said they dealt with anxiety. Well, I was completely wrong. Anxiety is a completely horrible and utterly terrifying thing … at least in my opinion. I just could not control it at all.

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Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners Review

Hey Makeup Lovies! โค


Today I bring you a review on the Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners. I know what you’re thinking… I’ve been reviewing tons and tons of Wet n Wild products lol! But I just can’t help it they keep releasing great products and as a makeup junkie I can’t stop buying them, especially since they are very affordable! I find myself always picking up one or two Wet n Wild products every time I’m at the drugstore lol, I’m addicted! The quality just keeps getting better and better! Anywho, I picked up these 2 lip liners and each and every time I check if there are any other new shades available but nope just the same 2 shades. I hope they make more! The shades are Willow and Brandy Wine.

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