Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners Review

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


Today I bring you a review on the Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners. I know what you’re thinking… I’ve been reviewing tons and tons of Wet n Wild products lol! But I just can’t help it they keep releasing great products and as a makeup junkie I can’t stop buying them, especially since they are very affordable! I find myself always picking up one or two Wet n Wild products every time I’m at the drugstore lol, I’m addicted! The quality just keeps getting better and better! Anywho, I picked up these 2 lip liners and each and every time I check if there are any other new shades available but nope just the same 2 shades. I hope they make more! The shades are Willow and Brandy Wine.

These lip liners are very long, longer than your average lip liner. I initially thought they were just eye liners so I didn’t really care much about them but after taking a closer look I saw the word lip! LOL I’m not kidding when I say I almost yelled no way out loud! 😛 Ooops! I was just soo excited! The colors were just perfection!


Here it is next to a regular NYX Lip Liner.. gigantic isn’t it.

Like I said I picked up the shades Willow and Brandy Wine.


At first glance the shades look very similar but trust me they aren’t!

Let’s start off with Willow







Willow is just a gorgeous cork-y light brown-ish shade. Seriously this color is bomb! This is definitely the best lip liner for Dose Of Colors Cork Liquid Lipstick. I don’t own it but seeing swatches of it I know this would be the perfect paired liner. This has got to be one of my favorite lip liner shades I own.

Next up is Brandy Wine







Ignore the glitters .. it’s from previous swatches 😛 This lip liner is another gorgeous shade, it’s a dark brown wine shade.

Both swatches


Overall Thoughts

These lip liners are superb. They go on nice and smoothly, I only felt a very slight tug on the lips but nothing drastic like other lip liners do. They are very pigmented, they kind of remind me of gel lip liners. Which is why I hope they make more shades! (I just checked online and they do have maybe 4 or 5 more shades but I’ve never seen them at stores so I’m assuming they are only available online! bummer) I seriously highly recommend you pick these up, doesn’t matter if you own a billion lip liners these are very very affordable they retail for .99 cents! You get 0.04 oz of product. Just one oz less than M.A.C. lip liners. Decent size and very awesome price! I purchased mine at my local Walmart, and the only other store I’ve ever seen them was at Kmart. Other than that I think you would have to get them online, I checked and you can get them at Walgreens online, maybe in stores but like I said I’ve never seen them.

I hope you lovies enjoyed this post! Please share your thoughts below if you’ve tried these lip liners or are thinking of purchasing them! Which one is your favorite!?

As always I hope everyone is having a great day!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been going through some things lately, an update post will be coming soon.

p.s. Did anyone else watch the season finale of The Walking Dead!?? :O Who do you think it was!!??? Gulpppp….



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11 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners Review

    • christyy2010 says:

      Very long lol!! Yeah willow is my fave too!😄😊 I always fill in the entire lip! I don’t like just outlining I feel like I can always see the difference in lipstick of choice and liner lol


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