New ColourPop Monochromatic Lip Products

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Today I bring you 3 products from the New ColourPop Monochromatic Lip line. I went with pinks instead of peach and sand, frankly because I have too many of those shades already in my collection. I wanted something pink…. fresh looking for spring and summer! I didn’t pick up the trio set, instead I opted for 2 Ultra Satin Lipsticks and 1 Lippie Stix.


The shades I chose were; Love Muffin, Chandelier, and Birdy.


If you aren’t familiar with the ColourPop brand itself, it’s a makeup line based online. You can shop directly from it here.

Let’s start off with the Ultra Satin Lipstick in the shade Love Muffin.




ColourPop describes Love Muffin as a “pastel baby pink.” I’d say this contains a hint of peach ..both pink and peach together. To me when I hear pastel baby pink I think M.A.C.’s Saint Germain, and this is no where near a pastel baby pink in my opinion! Gorgeous shade though.

Next Ultra Satin Lipstick in the shade Chandelier.




ColourPop describes Chandelier as a “true salmon pink.” I think the color description is spot on. This is definitely a salmon pink! I don’t own anything like this in my collection, it’s such a unique shade.

Lastly, is the Lippie Stix in the shade Birdy.




ColourPop describes Birdy as a “warm baby pink.” I agree with this color description. I need to compare it to M.A.C.’s Creme Cup it looks very much like it and both have creme finishes!

Here are swatches without flash..


and with flash..


I can’t give a wear test since I have yet to use them however ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lipstick and Lippie Stix formula are spot on. They give great pigmentation and feel nice on the lips. I forgot to mention the Lippie Stix are $5.00 and the Ultra Satin Lipsticks are $6.00

If you’ve tried these shades or picked up any of the new Monochromatic Products let me know which ones you’ve tried! I am so tempted to pick more up. Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners Review

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Today I bring you a review on the Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liners. I know what you’re thinking… I’ve been reviewing tons and tons of Wet n Wild products lol! But I just can’t help it they keep releasing great products and as a makeup junkie I can’t stop buying them, especially since they are very affordable! I find myself always picking up one or two Wet n Wild products every time I’m at the drugstore lol, I’m addicted! The quality just keeps getting better and better! Anywho, I picked up these 2 lip liners and each and every time I check if there are any other new shades available but nope just the same 2 shades. I hope they make more! The shades are Willow and Brandy Wine.

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L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Voxbox!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


I was happy to know I was selected for the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Voxbox! The products included in this Voxbox are all full sized; I received the entire line – the shampoo, the conditioner, and the oil. I got this box a few weeks ago however I wanted to try out the products for a decent amount of time before doing a review on them. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my hair is very sensitive to products. It only takes one try to see if it loves it or hates it. Either my hair will be too oily the next day or within a few days I’ll have tons of dandruff. Now my hair is fairly normal, it’s not oily or dry just normal. I do have healthy hair it’s not damaged at all. So keep this in mind as I review these products 🙂

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette Coming In Latte Review

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤


Today I bring you a review on the Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette – Coming In Latte. I hauled this not too long ago if you haven’t seen the haul click here. I was extremely surprised to see all the new products Wet n Wild was releasing, and seeing this was one of them I couldn’t pass it up! Their regular quads are already amazing so I couldn’t wait to play with this bad boy. Trust me it doesn’t disappoint. The palette contains 10 eyeshadows all leaning more on the neutral spectrum. It’s a mixture of mattes, shimmers, and foiled shadows. It’s very affordable at only around $5-$7. The local paper should have Wet n Wild coupons to my knowledge they almost always do. I found my at Walgreens but do try checking Kmart and Walmart.

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Wet n Wild Haul!

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I was browsing my local Walgreens and saw Wet n Wild had a ton of new products! (I also picked some of these up from Walmart and Kmart) I knew I had to pick them up before they were all gone. So this happened lol. I’m seriously amazed at all the awesome new products they came out with! The quality of these products is amazing, soft, silky smooth. Trust me I’m already working on the reviews! Let’s begin 🙂 Continue reading

Rediscovered Gems: Real Techniques Complexion Sponge & Maybelline Fit Me! Foundations

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤

Recently I’ve been trying to use products that I didn’t like at first. Things that didn’t wow me when I initially tried them. Well… there are 3 products in particular that I will be discussing in this post. I REALLY wanted to love these products when I bought them because everyone seemed to have nothing but great things to say about them. Then again I think we want to love everything we buy right?? Lol Anyways what are these 3 products you keep talking about well they are the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundations both Matte and Original.


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Winter Ready!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤

Although it still feels like Fall here in the southern part of Texas, Winter has been arriving early for many! Although it may not feel like early Winter here, you know me I love to keep it season appropriate. 😉 So slowly I am gravitating towards more winter colored apparel and of course we cannot forget about … the MAKEUP!

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Awesome Lip Combo + I Cut My Hair!

Hey Makeup Lovies! ❤

Yesterday I went for that minimal makeup look. I wore under eye BB cream sett’ed it with some powder and slightly did my brows. Added a light coat of mascara and decided to go with a bold lip but at the same time something muted. I normally just slap on some chapstick when wearing minimal makeup because I just feel weird having a bold-ish lip with an almost bare face lol. Am I the only person who feels like this!???

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Collective Empties!!

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The reason it’s titled Collective Empties is because it took me months to have finished these products. I hardly ever finish products unless it’s mascaras, makeup removers, cotton, etc. But actual other products.. never! I’m very good at alternating through my makeup stash plus ever since I graduated from college last year I don’t wear makeup on the daily anymore. So everything tends to last me a great while 🙂 When I saw I was finishing some products up I decided to put them aside and pile them until I saw I had a reasonable amount of empties to do a post! I’m always stunned at the amount of products people finish when they do their empties!

Many of these items aren’t anything special lol. It’s a bunch of usual products people finish. Hopefully next time I do an empties post I’ll have a lot more exciting products lol. I’m almost nearing the end of about 4 of my foundations so like I said I’ll probably have more worthy products to talk about 😛

current empties that have accumulated for the past few months

current empties that have accumulated for the past few months

As you can see .. like I mentioned it’s your typical monthly products you tend to finish.

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Current Fall Favorite Nail Polishes!

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Now that the weather is getting a tad just a tad chilly, I think it’s perfect to bust out my darker nail polishes. If it weren’t for the seasons I’d wear dark polishes all year round! But .. I think I’d miss my bright polishes just a bit. I think dark polishes compliment my light/pale skin lol which is why I love wearing them. I thought I’d paint my nails once a week during the month of October so I can dedicate a post solely to my current Favorite nail polishes for Fall 🙂

For the exception of one polish, all the others are new. I thought it was time to go shopping for new nail polishes. I hardly ever buy any because I have tooooo many to count. And I tend to fall in love with one polish and wear it over and over and over again. So I think it’s pointless to buy nail polishes lol. But these polishes were too cute to pass up that I had to get them!


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